What happens if you win a Rare.Market auction?



When you win a Rare.Market auction you will, in most cases, win a digital and a physical product. In the case of our Collectables market, you will probably only receive a digital file and an associated NFT certificate but our auctions are a bit different.

We sell for multiple artists and galleries around the world. It is the gallery’s responsibility to send the items to you on their behalf and to do this we will gather your address information upon a successful sale. This information will be kept strictly private.

Further, you will receive a digital NFT which is, in essence, a certificate of authenticity for your product. This means you can own the physical object in conjunction with the digital, allowing you to display it in online galleries or even in your home on a digital monitor. If you have any questions on this point, we’re happy to walk you through how NFTs can be displayed in almost any environment.

So when you win an auction simply sit back and give us a moment to gather your prize and to send it out! Art ownership has never been this easy — or this futureproof.